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Encore Electronics Recycling Program

Trade In and Save | Prices | What is Considered Good Condition | What is Considered Fair Condition


Trade In and Save


We will buy back your working or defective smartphones, tablets, iPods and MacBooks. If your device has no value, we will recycle it at no charge.


Trade in your used, damaged or outdated electronic devices to earn a University Co-op gift card!


For more information visit


Bring in your calculator down to our basement level for cash!





Good Condition


Fair Condition

TI 83 Plus   $25.00   $20.00
Ti 83 Plus Silver Ed   $25.00   $20.00
TI 84 Plus   $40.00   $35.00
TI 84 Plus Silver Ed   $40.00   $35.00
TI 84 C Silver Edition   $50.00   $40.00
TI 84 Plus CE   $50.00   $40.00
TI 89 Advanced   $30.00   $30.00
TI 89 Titanium   $50.00   $45.00
TI nspire CX   $40.00   $35.00
HP 12C   $15.00   $15.00
HP10bll Plus   $5.00   $5.00


What is Considered Good Condition?

Screen is free from blemishes
Overall condition is free from major scrapes and scratching
Case, cords and batteries not necessary


What is Considered Fair Condition?

Screen may have minor screen blemish or dark spot
Overall condition may have heavy wear, including scrapes, scratches or engraving’s
case, cords and batteries not necessary



Guidelines are subject to individual evaluation.

Prices will remain the same throughout the semester. Stop by the basement at our Main store during regular business hours to receive cash on the spot for your calculator(s). Visit the help desk with any questions or give us a call! Your calculator(s) will be evaluated by a store clerk to determine the condition.