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Textbooks 101: Guide to Course Materials

University Co-op is a not-for-profit corporation proudly owned by the students and faculty at the University of Texas at Austin since 1896. The Co-op supports the University of Texas by compiling the official book list each semester.

How to Purchase Your Books

Online: At check out, select whether you want to pick up your books in our main store or have them delivered! Orders are usually fulfilled within 24 – 48 hours, and we now offer delivery to select dorms!

In Store: If purchasing or renting in store, visit the Academic Floor downstairs and grab the books right off the shelf. Check out at any open register!

Your Options

Buy: All textbooks are available for purchase new, and some are available to purchase used. Purchasing textbooks gives you the most flexibility; keep it as long as you want, and write in it as much as you want.

Rent: Some textbooks are available to rent for the semester. Rentals usually have the lowest upfront cost, but can incur penalties if they aren’t returned on time or are damaged. Rentals are due at the end of the semester. You can drop them off downstairs on our Academic floor.

E-Book: Some textbooks are available as an e-book. Each publisher offers different features for e-books, including the ability to print out some or all of the book, plus it’s nice to not have to carry the book around!

What does book status mean?

Required means the book is necessary for the course.

Optional means the book is recommended for the course.

Alternate means that the instructor has approved an alternate for a required book - you only need to buy one version!

Other course materials required for the class may be listed on your class' syllabus, and may not be needed for the first day of class.

Sell your books back!

We buy back purchased textbooks too! During finals, bring your purchased textbooks back to the main store for money!

For more information, check out our Textbook FAQs