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University of Texas Women 1.7 oz Fragrance


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A signature scent exclusively created to capture the essence of The University of Texas. The Spirited Passion of the Hook 'em Horns, The Dramatic Beauty of the UT Tower bathed in Burnt Orange and The Immense Devotion to the Longhorns Spirit. Passionate, Triumphant and Strong.

A spirited new fragrance created to pay tribute to the University of Texas women opens with a sparkling top note of Bergamot, and Ruby Redcurrant. The heart of the fragrance is an addictive floral blend of Orange Blossom, Mimosa and Jasmine. Aromatic Patchouli, Creamy Vanilla and Musks round out the background ensuring a long lasting fragrant appeal.

Fragrance Type: Fruity Chypre
Top Notes: Sparkling Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Ruby Redcurrant
Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, Mimosa Flowers, Jasmine Sambac
Base Notes: Aromatic Patchouli, Creamy Vanilla Bean, Skin Musk, Turkish Rose



Product Reviews

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5/5 Stars Best damned perfume I've ever done smelled! Reviewed by: Quinton Clementine on 4/7/14

This fragrance smells of rich mahogany and leather bound books dipped in a pool of citrus fruits. This nostalgic fragrance takes me back to the summer of '69 when I met my darling Donna Rockefeller, and my oh my did she rock this feller. Welp, that's a tangent none of you young whipper snappers care to hear about. You should though because your elders have a lot to teach you. I tell you what, the youth don't respect their elders these days. That's why they call it history, because it's in the past. That's just down right rotten, I tell ya. What's not rotten is what's in this perfume. It makes my nostrils wanna two-step. If this doesn't smell like America, I don't know what does.

5/5 Stars for her? FOR ALL!! Reviewed by: Jason Snellz on 4/21/14

I'm not sure why MASIK markets this as a "for her" fragrance. This perfume hits hard. I put it on before and after I hit Gregory Gym, and believe me, people take notice mid-squat! The University of Texas has dunked a grand slam with this one ya'll! I'm sure I'm not the first one to call this a successful "two scent conversion". Hook 'em!