Why it's good to be a member!

University Co-op Membership


5% discount on purchases every day, including textbooks.

Our largest benefit to our owners, designed to reduce the cost of textbooks and course materials for students and faculty at UT Austin.


From free food to giveaways to first access to exclusive items, get more as a member. Watch your email for details!


All University Co-op profits are returned to students, faculty, and staff in the form of gifts, grants, and awards. Learn more.


+I forgot to add my member discount to my online purchase at checkout!
+Do I have to be a member to shop at the Co-op?
  • No! The Co-op is open to everyone, but only members receive member pricing and member discounts.

+Who is eligible to be a member?
  • The Co-op is a not for profit organization owned by students, faculty and staff at UT Austin. Those owners (all current students, faculty, and staff at the University of Texas at Austin) are eligible for a free membership.

    Additionally, the Co-op extends membership to Lifetime Longhorns (who received a Lifetime Longhorn discount from the Co-op), current Texas Parents Association Four Year members, and Texas Exes Members are also eligible for a free membership.

+What are Member Benefits?
  • Members receive 5% discount on all purchases (including textbooks!) with limited exclusions. Members also have access to periodic member only sales and events.

+How do I sign up?
  • You can sign up through the form on the Sign In page on our website. You’ll be asked to verify your status, with either: a valid UT ID number (the digits above the barcode), a Texas Exes Life Member Number, a Texas Parents Association ID Number, or a Lifetime Longhorn ID Number.

    Members can also sign up to activate a free membership by showing valid ID (listed above) at any register. Annual memberships can also be purchased in store.

+Do I have to sign up again online if I created an account in store?
  • Member accounts created in store are available online, but members will have to establish a password to access their account.

    If your account was created in store, please use same email address to activate the "forgot password" link to set up your online account access.

+Do I get a membership card?
  • No card required!

    Online, access your member discount by logging into your account.

    In store, membership accounts are accessed with your UT ID, Texas Exes Life Member ID, Texas Parents ID, or Lifetime Longhorn ID, and staff is always happy to help find or update your account

+How do I get my member discount?
  • In store, you’ll need to show your UT ID, Texas Exes Life Member ID, Texas Parents ID, or Lifetime Longhorn ID or provide you name and/or phone number or email to pull up your account.

    Online, you’ll need to sign in to your account and then use the member coupon code that is available at universitycoop.com/membership. Members must be logged in to access the discount code.

+What is excluded from my membership discount?
  • Limited exclusions apply and are subject to change. No member discounts will apply to: Yeti, Victoria’s Secret PINK, Purchases on partner websites, including M. LaHart and Bed Bath + Beyond, Select Digital Items (which may include Access codes and e-books), Limited edition items, including select Limited Edition Nike shoes. Special Order items.

+Can someone else use my member discount?
  • No. Only members can use their member discount. Misuse of membership can lead to cancellation of the membership.